Re: [opensuse] 11.0 Boxed set from Novell

Larry Stotler wrote:
Ok, I recently picked up a DVD drive for my Powerbook Wallstreet.
However, none of the DVDs I have made will work with it. It is an OLD
DVD drive, and I can't swap it for a newer one because of the way it
is made(trust me I tried - proprietary interface). It will read a DVD
movie disc just fine(and I have a DVD decoder coming for it, so that's

So, I went to Novell's website and was looking to order the media, and
I couldn't find a way to select which version I needed. Am I missing


I don't know that there is a full install CD set. However, you can use the network install CD to install from another computer. You don't even have to burn a DVD this way. Just loop mount the DVD ISO file and then share it as you would any other directory, using NFS. You may find this method is actually faster than installing from a DVD.

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