[opensuse] Just installed 11.1 wow, weird

I have two complaints.. There is something peculiar w/ Firefox... as in it
can't see ANY website... and , oddly that doesn't effect Konqui which is
busily getting me to the Novell Website, tho it doesn't recognize the login
info, not even as cut n paste from the email I got from Novell seconds

Even odder, to me anyway, is the problem I have attempting ANY add
repositories or refresh from the ones I got at the end of the install... ie
ones the installation system pushed to me.

The main part of that problem is the sysems' refusal to see, or even accept
the DVD is in the drive ! ( Msg complaining there is no disk in drive, w/
choices" skip abort or retry..." I retry... beep ( I think that means NO in
computer) After15 minutes of that I tell it to skip. So, w/ only the option
to skip the refresh, I finally choose skip. And then of course , it won't let
me, for instance, install more software packages...

Of a more ( I hope) minor difficulty is the sound it keeps randomply
disappearing. Which is certainly a worry as it comes back always at full

I like the way things are working out when they work tho..

I will even forgive the ghastly neon green background and splash screen.
Because someone gave me a useful manual, as far as it goes. and once again
TWO stickers!

Now if I can just get the other little problems resolved... I'll only be
looking for xmms.. uhm... guys? You do still have xmms in the distro,

I'm going to go get some ice cream now, and come back when My headache
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