Re: [opensuse] Sluggish Text Drawing Via ATI Video Card On 11.1 (Unlike 10.0)

Randall R Schulz wrote:

One lingering issue with my new 11.1 installation is the sluggishness
with which text is drawn in Konsole windows. The same hardware running
10.0 and the SuSE-supplied video driver exhibited virtually
instantaneous drawing of text pages in Konsole and very rapid

I am now running the ATI / AMD proprietary driver, but a big reason I
installed it was this very symptom under the openSUSE-supplied driver,
which I incorrectly believed would be rectified by the proprietary

Can anyone shed any light on this? Ideally, suggest a fix?

Randall Schulz


See my recent post on ATI performance issues. The last good ATI driver was
8-9, however with 11.1, you cannot install anything older than the 8-12 driver.
If I were you, I would grab the brand new 9-1 driver and see what it is like on
11.1. I haven't played with 11.1 lately so I don't know what the driver
situation is there aside from the fact that the 8-12 driver has broken 3D

This issues isn't just screen slowness, I have noticed my entire system is
bogged down by the recent ATI drivers with apps taking 50% longer to open and
all display tasks being very sluggish. I just tried the 9-1 driver tonight and
again went back to 8-9,

If you don't use compiz, you can get away with running the radeon driver,
which for 2d work is respectable.

The question remains though, Why the crappy performance out of every ATI Linux
driver release since 8-10? As mentioned, I have submitted trouble tickets with
ATI for every release since 8-9. Maybe if more of us did it, we would get some
help with the issue.

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