Re: [opensuse] Who is using Gnome?

Dotan Cohen wrote:
The KDE team should have look at the OS/2 WPS for ideas. It was doing
some incredible things 17 years ago, that I have not seen elsewhere.

Please, tell me what ideas in OS/2 you would like to see in KDE. I do
not have access to such a system, but if you have specific ideas that
you would like to see implemented that is entirely possible.

It's been a few years since I've run OS/2, so I'm working from memory.
However, one thing it had was 64KB of extended attributes, which could
contain an incredible amount of searchable info about an object. For
example, if you downloaded a zipped file from CompuServe, with an app
called "Golden Compass", the EAs for that file would have all kinds of
stuff, including the (IIRC), which was a text file describing
the zip contents automatically. You could also add your own description
and other meta data. You could then search your system, using complex
relationships, based on that meta data. If you added something to the
desktop, it was automatically added to the "Warp" menu. There were
shadows, which can best be described as links on the desktop, so that
you could have multiple instances of the same object and if you changed
one, they all changed. Also, since a desktop icon was part of the EAs,
it always "knew" where the object was located, so that if that object
was moved, the meta data updated automatically, unlike Linux or Windows,
where you simply have a link that points to a file and if the file is
moved the icon can no longer find it. There are many, many things that
the WPS can do, far more than I can mention in a brief message.

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