Re: [opensuse] Who is using Gnome?

Larry Stotler wrote:
On Tue, Feb 3, 2009 at 8:28 AM, James Knott <james.knott@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

The KDE team should have look at the OS/2 WPS for ideas. It was doing
some incredible things 17 years ago, that I have not seen elsewhere.

Yeah, OS/2 had things that still aren't in most systems. v4.0 has
built-in voice recognition s/w. It was like Star Trek. Nothing else
has come close. Damn shame it never made it. I have a copy of v4
that I need to install at some point to rememer what I am missing....

I have every version from Warp 4 back to 2.1. I used to have 2.0, which
I eventually tossed and 1.3, which I sold to someone, but never used. I
also still have many CDs from when I worked at IBM Canada, where I did
3rd level OS/2 support. I used OS/2 on my home systems for about 10
years. Between OS/2 and Linux, I always feel as though I'm working with
one hand tied behind my back, when I have to use Windows.

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