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* Larry Stotler (larrystotler@xxxxxxxxx) [20090203 22:44]:

I have a copy of v4 that I need to install at some point to rememer what I
am missing....

I haven't been able to do so. It won't install natively on any hardware I
have and installing in vmware workstation also failed. I even tried a trial
version of eComStation but that also failed to install.

The free trial version does not include support for ACPI or the latest
hardware. The dividing line for support is around the time SATA became the norm.

To install Warp 4 on modern hardware you'll need to update the original CD:

Or, possibly the updated floppy boot method. Better, use an eComStation CD
new enough to include support for your hardware. The latest 2.0RC installs on
most hardware.

Another option is to install on old hardware, update to the latest fixes,
then transfer that HD to a newer system, cloning from PATA to SATA if necessary.

Warp 4 for was released in early 1996. You wouldn't expect Win95 or SuSE 1.0
to install easily on modern hardware, would you?
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