Re: [opensuse] A New ATI Driver Problem

On Tuesday February 10 2009, David C. Rankin wrote:
Randall R Schulz wrote:
That might make it a culprit the other symptom I reported but about
which I received no replies: At certain intervals after the machine
becomes idle, the X11 server begins consuming 100%, mostly kernel
mode. That condition comes and goes a few times (I don't know the
pattern or timing very precisely 'cause it happens on intervals of
10s of minutes and I haven't had the patience to monitor it
carefully or long enough) but eventually becomes "permanent"
(instead of intermittent). As soon as I touch the mouse or
keyboard, everything goes back to normal (I can watch the patterns
using htop from another system logged in via ssh).

What is your screensaver interval? kpowersaved suspend interval?

The symptom (kernel-mode CPU saturation of one core) does not correspond
to the screen saver engaging.

Nor does it correspond in any straightforward to any of the intervals of
the successive DPMS power-save modes. In fact, it happens even when I
use the "Presentation" mode. Also, the high CPU use comes and goes a
few times before becoming permanent.

It might be that your box is trying to go into sleep mode and fails
and then has to come back to life. Maybe X consuming 100% is the
machine state being processed for suspend or sleep, then the suspend
or sleep fails, the machine is back up, then the next sleep interval
later, the process repeats itself?

Just a SWAG at it. (swinging wild ass guess)

I suspected (and still suspect) that its related to DPMS, but I can't
see a clear relationship.

David C. Rankin

Randall Schulz
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