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I have successfully modified a single value in about:config so that the native print to file dialog in Firefox 3 consistently defaults to pdf and the default directory and file name of my choice.

I posted the solution to this link forums-test.mozillazine.org/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=1010695

Scroll down to the last post in that thread, entitled "How to Modify about:config to Make the Firefox 3 "print to file" Dialog Window Default to pdf (instead of postscript) and Default to the Directory and File Name of Your Choice"

One cannot get Firefox 3 to send print jobs to kprinter so this is the closest you can get to the convenience of the kprinter dialog. Not a perfect solution but better than nothing.

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Hi all,

I usually print to PDF's with most programmes. In all I can choose a
PostScript/default Printer and enter in the Properties under Print
Command "kprinter". Then kprinter takes over and prints wherever or
whatever I need; in this case PDF. How can I do that in Firefox 3's menu
item Print. I can no longer enter a print command. (openSUSE 10.3 /
FireFox 3.0).

The print to File in FireFox is nice, but you have to enter the whole
path every time you print a document, and it always uses the very first
document name you used as print.ps (which actually kprinter also did,
but the path was remembered though). Can a default path or previous path
with previous file name be 'remembered'?

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