[opensuse] OpenSuse 11.0 and KDE 4 Unstable

Hi all,
I'm in a bit of a quandry with my KDE 4 installation. I am currently
running Opensuse 11.0 and have been upgrading my KDE 4 and QT from the
following repositories for quite some time:


This all worked very well until about 2 weeks ago and I was using a very
stable 4,2 and then an initial unstable 4.3 devel which quite often black
screened. However since that initial 4.3 I have been unable to update

When I update the KDE4 I have to upgrade the QT to version 4.4.90+4.5.0.
However, with this version of QT installed I cannot run Yast software
management as it Seg faults on drawing its window. Reverting to the QT44
repository allows Yast to work again.

I have tried the Yast Backport repository as well but that is no better

I seem to be at a bit of an impasse; I can do one of the following it seems:
1. Not upgrade KDE4 any more
2. Upgrade and not use yast-QT (Yast-GTK isnt as good)
3. Upgrade to opensuse 11.1 (assuming this wont have the same problem) - dont
want this as I have all the software set up exactly as I want it and I dont
really have the time to sort them all out again.
4. Find a solution to my repository fiasco.

Has anyone else had this problem and know how to solve it - I would really
like to continue testing and using kde4 as I have found since 4.2 that it is
fast becoming a really good desktop and had started using it for most things.

The current version that I have installed seems to have a couple of annoying
problems and hence why I want to resolve the issue:
1. Kopete yahoo seems to send blank messages but emoticons get sent. Havent
been able to debug it as my yahoo contact isnt technically minded but im
beginning to wonder if it is setting the font to white
2. As mentioned earlier I quite often end up with a black screen - the mouse
cursor is still there and the desktop still functions it is just all black.
Seems to happen when I move a window and wobbly windows is on or sometimes
when I click on the suse style menu. If the effects are off it doesnt seem
to happen.

So please advise me how to resolve this little problem

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