[opensuse] Login screen shows remains of session

Hello listmates,

I have a weird problem with the KDE4 login manager. I am using openSUSE 11.1,
with KDE 4.2, but the problem also existed on KDE 4.1.
I am running the NVIDIA proprietary driver with a Twinview setup (dual

The problem is that the secondary screen shows left-overs or artefacts from
the last running session. They also show up briefly on the primary screen
after logging in but before the session is fully loaded. I sometimes also see
a brief flash of them before the screen saver shows the "unlock" dialog.
What are shown are basically snippets of what was shown on screen during the
previous session: bits of a web page, a small part of an image file, an icon,
parts of a menu, parts of a screen of game that was running under wine. Some
of these left-overs repeat, some don't. It's hard to describe, and I don't
know how to provide a screenshot of it.

This behavior was not present in openSUSE 11.0, with KDE 4.1, and also not in
openSUSE 11.1 with KDE 4.1. So I am assuming that it has something to do with
KDE 4.2.

At one point I thought it was due to files in the thumbnail cache
(~/.thumbnails). So I cleared the thumbnail cache, but this did not change the
problem. Killing the X server at the login screen also doesn't solve the
problem. When X restarts, the problem returns.

It almost seems as bits of a memory buffer are somehow shown from somewhere,
but I have no idea form where. I could not find a bugzilla, but I am not sure
I should file one, since I am using the proprietary driver from NVIDIA. (I can
test with the open source driver before I do that, obviously)

So first I'd like to know if someone has similar experiences, what might be
the cause and what might be done. It's not a huge problem for me, since I am
pretty much the only one who uses that system. But it might be a problem on a
shared computer, since it might show things that the user doesn't want

Any ideas, anyone?


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