Re: [opensuse] Opensuse still not ready for consumers...

Rajko M. wrote:
On Thursday 12 March 2009 08:36:47 pm Mukul Singh wrote:

That has not been my experience. I removed pulse except that library and
the sound won't work on my laptop unless I do rcalsasound restart. BTW,
I have tried VLC as suggested by another person and that too did not work.



1) Check is PulseAudio enabled. Use Yast sound module:
YaST > Sound > button Other > PulseAudio configuration
It should say that PulseAudio is not installed.

I did the check and it does say that PulseAudio is not installed.
2) Remove you sound card from YaST sound, close YaST sound, then open again.
This should find and reconfigure your card for current sound system.

If that doesn't help, then
3) Reboot, to have clean state, and repeat 2)

I haven't done this bit, but will do it tonight.
If that doesn't help the we can see what means error that Kaffeine is posting
to console. Error message alone without source and previous actions can mean
anything (including bad hard disk). You can start 'tail -f /var/log/messages'
start Kaffeine and catch output when sound works, and without.

While I missread the error message, bad hard disk sector can affect function
of application that is using it. There is also many other things, bad driver
for your sound card, or bad settings, or bad hardware, but without some
feedback from you no one can tell what it is.

It is still good to see 'smartctl -a' to see hard disk state.

Will post further information if the above does not work.


Best Regards,
Mukul Singh

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