Re: [opensuse] Opensuse still not ready for consumers...

Duaine & Laura Hechler wrote:
Tony Alfrey wrote:

Wait a minute please: Is someone implying that Autodesk products run
on linux? I sometimes run AutoCAD Inventor on Virtual Box/Windows XP,
but certainly not directly on linux. There is no indication anywhere
on the Autodesk site that I can see implying anything but Windows for

Not sure if this is everything you want but here is a link:

They may have some products which run under Linux, but their
bread-and-butter is AutoCAD, which only runs on Wintendo. (As it is, the
UI is horrendous and I can't imagine anyone wanting to learn it, but
that's a different story.)

You can export AutoCAD files to a format that programs like QCad can use
- - that is an
autocad file I exported a few years back while working on a (windows
only) facilities management program (Archibus) implementation.

kai |

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