Re: [opensuse] Opensuse still not ready for consumers...

On Sun, 2009-03-15 at 12:23 -0700, Kai Ponte wrote:
Randall R Schulz wrote:
On Sunday March 15 2009, Duaine & Laura Hechler wrote:

Kai Ponte wrote:

LinuxCAD now represents a complete computer aided design program for
Linux ... it is a complete replacement for AutoCAD. For any practical
purpose, it implements all major features of AutoCAD in such a way
that experienced AutoCAD users do not need additional training to
start working with LinuxCAD

And you're really supposed to mail a $100 check to some guy in Kansas to
acquire this software??

Yeah, that's not exactly a professionally designed site, nor is the
business looking like a quality product. Not to say it isn't but just
that one can't tell from the site.

How about openSUSECAD? :P

Frankly I'd settle for a decent tutorial for the CAD's already freely
available for Linux.

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