[opensuse] Please file your KDE 4.2 bugs! Or send them to me!

I see many complaints about KDE 4 on the Suse list. Please, if you are
using KDE 4.2 and you are experiencing any reproducible bug, either
file it or start a new thread about the bug and CC me in the thread.
KDE 4.2 was the first KDE 4 release meant for end users and if you are
having issues, then it is a bug that KDE wants fixed.

I should mention that my Opensuse install is still KDE 3.5 (11.0)
because Suse really messes with KDE 4 and I personally don't like it.
So I will triage KDE 4.2 issues on another distro, to help determine
if your bug is a KDE issue, or an Opensuse issue.


Dotan Cohen



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