Re: [opensuse] /var/log/zypp-refresh.log Size on 11.0? ( 275 Megabytes -- WTF? )

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On Sunday, 2009-03-22 at 21:06 +1030, Rodney Baker wrote:

Thanks for the heads-up, David. I just checked mine (haven't visited /var/log
much recently) and found 573M, so I added the section to the logrotate on my
machines too...

I think this might be worth a bugzilla - this should be in there by default
and I can't see anyone objecting to it being there. It is such an easy fix for
them to roll out, too...

Absolutely! But it is you both, Rodney and David, who have to write that Bugzilla. I don't even have a /var/log/zypp-refresh.log!

(remember to try compressing with lzma - much higher ratio for text - in order to send them the log)

- -- Cheers,
Carlos E. R.

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