Re: [opensuse] Trust Tablet + Opensuse + Gimp + Pen pressure

On Tue, Mar 24, 2009 at 1:20 PM, Frederyco Martins
<fredy.martins@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi there!

I have a trust TB 4200 and unfotunately,
can't find linux drivers for it. Is that any
way of having it's features working on
linux? With some kind of generic driver
or something else?

I have windows on my machine mainly
because of my tablet's pen pressure.
Every time that I want to use it, I must
log off Linux a start windows, to draw...

Here's another link that may help:

Before buying niche products like tablets, it's advisable to research
how well they are supported on linux. I don't know what your situation
is, but if you can't get the tablet to work, the genius tablets are a
cheap alternative to wacoms. They don't work out of the box, but there
is a working driver for them. I was able to get mine working with
pressure sensitivity without too much hair pulling.

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