Re: [opensuse] New ATI driver released... And works! -- NOT!

David C. Rankin wrote:
Dave Plater wrote:

peter nikolic wrote:

On Thursday 02 April 2009, Dave Plater wrote:

Its called libstdc++33 now.
Dave P

Errrrr nope no go no installed by that still the same

Anyone else know of the location of the one that is needed to
install the latest fglrx ati drivers

Pete .

I'm not sure what you are trying to do but if it involves compiling
something then you need libstdc++33-devel. From 11.1 it's called
libstdc++33, if you're using 11.0 and down it's compat-libstdc++.
These packages contain and for compiling you need the
devel versions as well.
Dave P


If that is right, why do I get this on my 11.0 x86_64 box:

15:22 alchemy:~/linux/scripts> rpm -q --whatprovides


Sorry for my english (I am thats why its bad) I stated above "if you're
using 11.0 and down it's compat-libstdc++" which means:- opensuse equal
to and less than 11.0 = compat-libstdc++".
opensuse equal to and greater than 11.1 = libstdc++33. In fact there is
a whole range of libstdc++ compatibility libraries. In 11.2 alpha I have
libstdc++33, libstdc++41, libstdc++43 and libstdc++44 available if
needed. I think the powers that be are trying to limit the size of the
compat libs that need to be installed so one package has split into many.
Dave P

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