Re: [opensuse] Problem with codec installer in opensuse 11.1

Yin T wrote:
I also tried to use another link to install the codecs. as suggested by Benji

Hi all,

this pathetic problem again!

I have had it with every install of OpenSUSE since I can remember.

I installed the -
the install. Nothing
changed. No sound form Firefox (e.g. YouTube sound). All other audio
programmes work.

Anyone got a 'new' solution I also tried:


Sometimes things are not installed correctly. When that happens, you
will find that you cannot play mp3, mp4, wmv using totem. At that point
key to making it work correctly may not be so obvious. Here is what I
did to get things working after the default install attempt went badly.

The key was to DISABLE all repositories but the packman and libdvdcss
repositories... then remove all of the gstreamer packages and totem.
Then do the install using the link from After this,
re-enable all of repositories that you disabled before and then install
totem. At that point everything works.



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