[opensuse] Recent experience with Ubuntu 9.04, Gnome on openSUSE 11.1, and KDE 4.2.

I spent quite a bit of time comparing Ubuntu 9.04, Gnome on openSUSE
11.1, and KDE 4.2 11.1.

I wasn't successful in getting Gnome to work with the Intel 3945 wifi,
no matter what I did nor how I did it in Ubuntu. It did work in Gnome on
openSUSE 11.1, however. ALL installs were clean....formatted partitions.
The lack of configurability in Gnome is VERY apparent when one has been
using KDE 3.5 AND newer for a long time. Gnome is VASTLY inferior to KDE
4.2, even though it's not a finished product yet. Yes, there are some
things that are better....like a LOT of screen savers and they just
work, which is not true of KDE 4.2.

Now, as to the differences between Ubuntu/Kubuntu and openSUSE. A friend
and writer recently said something to the effect that in Linux, Ubuntu
is like an old VW and openSUSE 11.1 is like a Cadillac. I agree. The
only problem is, that the "Cadillac" needs to be as easy to install and
setup as the "VW" is. THEN, openSUSE will really have something to market!


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