Re: [opensuse] Recent experience with Ubuntu 9.04, Gnome on openSUSE 11.1, and KDE 4.2.

John Andersen wrote:
Fred A. Miller wrote:

I use Kubuntu 9.0.4 (with KDE4.2.2), and the configuration options allowed
in KDE4 are not that much better than those available in Gnome, and neither
can hold a candle to KDE 3.5.10.

Flexibility and reconfigurability is slowly eroding from all the modern desktops.

My 'buntu installed very cleanly and worked quite well. I've done both gnome
and kde versions.

For the market Ubuntu is going after, its probably better suited than is
OpenSuse. Its a simple install, with simple configuration options
(simpler than Win7 by a lot), and generally does the right thing for the
new user.

Personally, I think KDE 4.2 and Gnome are tweedle-de and tweedle-dum.
I see precious little reason to favor one over the other.
Both seem to be racing fast toward the lowest common denominator.


I've spent the past 5 days with Archlinux duplicating what I do with openSuSE
on Arch. I like Fred's Cadillac/VW analogy and it is a fitting comparison. For
Arch I would liken openSuSE to the same Cadillac and Arch more to a sports car.
Fast, cool, really fun to drive, capable as hell, but you have to know a bit
more about what you're doing before you take the wheel. As Gnome and KDE4
rapidly seemingly race toward a windows like finish line, it was nice to find
arch still offering a full kde 3.5.10 on their current version with a project
dedicated to maintaining it.

I have a theory on kde4 though and I hope it comes to pass. Once they take the
crayons away from the current gee-whiz lookie-lou team and let core kde
developers get in to clean up the mess, kde4 will be snatched from the jaws of
failure and the missing core functionality restored...

Time will tell.

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