Re: [opensuse] Re: Re: The Ext4 file system

Heinz Diehl wrote:
On 05.06.2009, Dave Plater wrote:

Take note I'm running factory and have the latest version of e2fsprogs and a
2.6.30-rc6-git3-4-default kernel. I'll see how it compares to my main
xfs partition.

It sucks :-)

I did some benchmarks for some time, not only throughput, but also
responsiveness (with Ted Tso's fsync-tester), and ext4 is still behind xfs.
It handles a lot of very small files somewhat faster than xfs, but that's it.

I'm using ext2 for my boot partition and XFS for all the rest exclusively.

I use the partition I changed from ext3 to ext4 for backing up my home
directory etc when I do a fresh install and for storing dvd isos, its
basically stuck on ext3 for the life of the hard drive. Converting it to
ext4 is the only thing I can do otherwise it would have been xfs a long
time ago.
Dave P
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