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Randall R Schulz wrote:
On Saturday June 13 2009, G T Smith wrote:
C is much more efficient than Java. ...
That is a myth.
?? Nonsense...

Benchmarks say otherwise.

Depending on the application, Java can actually be faster than C because of
dynamic (run-time) optimizations applied by the JIT compiler (which outputs
native code, avoiding "interpreter overhead"). There is generally more
fixed overhead, which makes Java look slow on micro-benchmarks but real
benchmarks are much more favorable.
is a fair set of benchmarks across languages. C and C++ are still the
leaders as far as run time (with C++ beating C), but Java is right behind
them overall and does run faster on some of the benchmarks when you drill

I'm still an advocate for ISO-standardized languages (C being my favorite),
but I'm getting more friendly toward languages that have a free software
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