Re: [opensuse] Upgrading KDE4 on 11.1

On Wednesday 08 July 2009 14:36:58 Clayton wrote:
I apologise in advance that this has been covered before but I cannot
find the solution.  I have afresh installation of 11.1 64 bit withe KDE

I want to upgrade that to a newer version either 4.2 or 4.3 but I cannot
resolve the dependency problems that occur whenever I try.. I have looked
for howtos and googled around but cannot find the solution.

Can somebody please point me to a way to do this ?

The easiest is to use the 1-Click install from the website:
for the latest 4.3 Beta builds (and it's pretty darn good right now
despite the Beta/RC label)

or use for the more
"stable" 4.2 builds.


That is one of the methods I have tried and I always end up with an immense
amount of dependency conflicts which never seem resolvable however I try.

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