Re: [opensuse] Upgrading KDE4 on 11.1

The easiest is to use the 1-Click install from the website:
for the latest 4.3 Beta builds (and it's pretty darn good right now
despite the Beta/RC label)

or use for the more
"stable" 4.2 builds.

That is one of the methods I have tried and I always end up with an immense
amount of dependency conflicts which never seem resolvable however I try.

Hmmmm weird.. I've done two 11.1 installs with 4.3 upgrades
recently.. one just yesterday using that method, and it worked
perfectly. Is there any pattern to your dependency conflicts? Are
they simple vendor changes? or real conflicts?

Clicking the 1-Click and going from 4.0.3 or 4.3RC1 does generate (in
my experience) a significant number of vendor changes - to be expected
from a major upgrade like that I wouldn't really call vendor changes
actual dependency problems... more like a warning to say hey, this is
changing, is it what you want, and in this case the answer is yes.

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