Re: [opensuse] Re: Re: Beagle frontend

On 16 July 09, Dave Howorth wrote:

Osamalamadingdong <akulkis@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Dave Howorth wrote:
Dan Goodman wrote:
But, having been personally flamed for having done something similar
recently, I am curious as to whether or not it (fullquoting when adding
a short bottom-post) is really an issue to most people, or just to a

Well, I'd much rather you trimmed it and I'm equally curious to see
whether I'm alone.

After all, you can get to the bottom with a either a single mouse move
or a short sequence of the same Page keystroke -- don't even have to
count how many...just do a few and you are at the bottom. For me, the
space bar will get me to the bottom in a fraction of a second.

But you can't just go to the bottom, you have to scan every line because
they may have put the comment at random in the middle. And the mouse
movement is a long drag of the type designed to provoke RSI injuries.

There are these mice with a wheel in the middle, called the "scroll
wheel" Perhaps you own half a dozen already. I suggest using the scroll

If you want to send insults to people, then have the courage to do it in
public, not skulking around in private messages.

If your skin is truly so thin that something like that makes you cry so, you
should just shoot yourself now or lock yourself away where mommy can keep all
the meanies from bothering you. Geez, grow a pair!

If guns kill people then...
- Pencils mispell words.
- Cars make people drive drunk.
- Spoons make people overeat.
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