Re: [opensuse] Re: Beagle frontend

On Wednesday 22 July 2009 08:16:09 pm Adam Tauno Williams wrote:
To disable Beagle: System / Filesystem / Search Settings / uncheck [if
it is checked] "Start search & indexing services automatically"

Seems pretty straight-forward to me.

Not really, and for sure it is not for the guy that just switched from some
other OS, or even other Linux.

I'm puzzled where to find System / Filesystem / Search Settings, ah yes,
YaST > System > /etc/sysconfig editor . No, it is not there :-)

It can be that way in GNOME, but guess what KDE is still for 2/3 of openSUSE
users preferred desktop, and we don't have System menu to control GNOME
applications. Even if I would have, it is far from straight forward to look
Beagle settings in File System submenu.

Problem with Beagle is that it really needs someone that will think very
carefully what to search, when to search, how to store data, and more.
I looked in TextCache and it has many files filled with character 20, ie.
blank, very little text. Isn't that wasteful? When they didn't get this right,
what else is not as it should be? Is it C# mentality, ie. rapid development of
something that works, without regard how it actually works?

Regards, Rajko

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