Re: [opensuse] Re: Beagle frontend

Problem with Beagle is that it really needs someone that will think very
carefully what to search, when to search, how to store data, and more.
I looked in TextCache and it has many files filled with character 20, ie.
blank, very little text. Isn't that wasteful? When they didn't get this right,
what else is not as it should be? Is it C# mentality, ie. rapid development of
something that works, without regard how it actually works?

That sounds like an issue you should take up with the Beagle or Lucene
developers; haven't met some of them I'd wager they have a really good
reason why it works the way it does. [My guess is that it is padding
pages just like just about every database does, but that is just a
guess]. But with the *vast* majority of systems having >80GB drives...
who cares, I'll sacrifice the space for performance.

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