Re: [opensuse] CalDAV on openSUSE

Adam Tauno Williams wrote:
On Fri, 2009-08-07 at 06:20 +0200, Jan Kalcic wrote:

Adam Tauno Williams wrote:

no specific informations about this seem to available online. Any CalDAV
server application packaged for openSUSE?

I develop OpenGroupware primarily on openSUSE. See The
openSUSE packages aren't current due to build service being ornery, but that will get fixed.
Packages build locally just fine. OGo should work with any CalDAV client.

OGo seems to be very interesting, thanks. I knew zimbra but not this
one. How can be compared?

OpenGroupware is Open and reuses your existing components for mail
(Cyrus & Postfix/Sendmail). It also has a published API for external
integration & clients. Zimbra has neither of those and is more of a
sealed solution. I'm sure Zimbra offers features OGo does not but I
don't know what they are as I don't use Zimbra.

I could install Zimbra some time ago, I can't wait to compare them by my
self. Very interesting.
Anyway, it looks more like a platform than a calendar server, isnt'it?
What I am looking for right now is a simple and light CalDAV server to
share calendars in a small network. I wouldn't install a whole platfrom
just for this.

I'd suggest there isn't such a thing. A calender solution [scheduling]
requires integreation with an address book [for participants] and then
there is the issue of access control - user wants some appointments
visiible to some users and not others - and you are rapidly approaching
platform-ness. Also admins or power users will immediately want
integration with existing solutions/data, else these types of things
[groupware] just languish unused on the network. Groupware is
inherently a platform and not an application, when used as an
application users [rightly] despise it as a burden and hassle.

But to just share a calendar, etc... I'd try using GroupDAV, instead of
CalDAV, and use Apache mod_dav. That is enough to have a "working"
solution with clients like ZideOne and possibly Evolution.

GroupDAV is the solution I am focus on right now. Seems to be what I was
looking for.

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