RE: [opensuse] Fresh openSUSE11.1, best approach?

I can confirm problems, that require lengthy manual resolution.
Mostly it is bunch of vendor change messages, where new vendor is openSUSE
Build Service.

contains this line
## vendors = nvidia,suse,opensuse
it defines equivalent vendors.

Uncomment, add openSUSE Build Service. That should prevent 1001 message about vendor change, although, I'm not sure is string >"obs" accepted by zypper/package management, or it has to be:
Vendor: openSUSE Build Service

Thats useful! My partner's machine (11.1) stopped working recently (no X, KDE 4.3), and she couldn't figure out how to make it go again - it was whinging about QT... Turns out, re-installing kdm (which forced all the vendor change stuff) did the trick.

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