Re: [opensuse] migrating SUSE 9.2 to virtualbox machine

On Sat, Aug 15, 2009 at 06:18:01PM +0200, Markus Koßmann wrote:
Am Samstag, 15. August 2009 schrieb Rob Owens:
On Sat, Aug 15, 2009 at 10:26:03AM +0200, Carlos E. R. wrote:
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On Friday, 2009-08-14 at 23:28 -0400, Rob Owens wrote:
I have a physical server running SUSE 9.2 (which I cannot upgrade), and
I am attempting to move it to a virtual machine using VirtualBox. I
have changed grub and fstab to reflect the new hard drive names (hda
instead of sda).

Has the architecture changed? 32 vs 64?

Nope, both are 32 bit.

Are you attempting to use the original physical disks, or are you using
virtualized disks on the host?

I dd'd the original disk, then ran:

VBoxManage convertdd

to produce a virtualized disk.

By the way, I'm using the open source version of VirtualBox on a Debian
host. It's version 1.6.6.

Did you allready try a more current version of VirtualBox ?
Check <> how to get it.
I tried 2.1.4 this weekend because I found it in my repositories. I get
the same problems, though.

I know that's not the most current version, but I'm a little strapped
for internet time because I'm on vacation this week (but I also need to
solve this problem this week!). Right now I'm wardriving...

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