Re: [opensuse] Creating a group of conserned Users and Novell partners/longer life time for openSUSE... (LONG POST)

Basil Chupin wrote:
Brian K. White wrote:

Basil Chupin wrote:

Per Jessen wrote:

The original posting went to both this list and -project.

So, any responses also should have been sent to this list, no?

Why? I'm all for this idea but until now I hadn't responded here.
I went to the irc channel mentioned in the original post and said so
directly, and and had a little opening discussion in real-time.

Brian, I'm not really sure what you are trying to convey here in your

However, if you are trying to put forward the idea that there was the
opportunity to use an IRC channel to discuss this topic then please
understand that not everyone has the means to be able to access IRC -
let alone have the ability to access this forum other than using a
dial-up connection.

(BTW, are you the Brian White who was providing the tutorials on Linux
some years ago and to which I was a subscriber?)


I was saying that I don't see at all why all responses should have to be
He made a suggestion about forming an advocacy group and asked for
any interested people to contact him. Which I did. That was a valid response
to the post which did not appear here. One might very well ALSO say
here like "yeah great idea" just for the heck of it and to tell
everyone else here that you too like this idea, but the primary and
ongoing discussion
of the idea does not have to take place here and probably shouldn't.
If the idea goes anywhere someone should probably set up a seperate mail
not actually on or hosted by opensuse either.
An irc channel is just a way to converse right now using an existing
facility without having to set up
a mail list and just happened to be convenient for me too.

My name is Brian White, but no, no tutorials.
I have answered many questions over the years on a few mail lists and
almost exclusively relating to sco unix (& xenix), linux, freebsd, and a
few software packages
that run on same, and a few of those posts have been slightly
popularised in the form
of being turned into articles on, but no I never wrote any
official series of tutorials.

Merely sometimes when I answer a good question (or when I get annoyed at
reading too
much blind-leading-the-blind and answer a poor question by throwing it
away and showing
both the correct question and the answer), it can come out somewhat like
a tutorial
or a lecture because I try not to be lazy and give a quick answer that I
know will be
right in one case and wrong in all others, and so
I have to give not only answer A for condition A, I have to try to
explain that there even is
such a thing as conditions B, C, ..., Z, lambda, Mu, Pi,
the-artist-formerly-known-as-Prince, etc...
and how to recognize them, and what rules govern finding the other
correct answers for
those other conditions. And then I actually DO at least one example on
some machine of my
own and cut & paste the screen shots to show exactly what I mean and
also to prove that
it really works and that there aren't say, typo's in there.

I never figured out how to give a correct answer to a technical problem
that didn't involve spidering out
to numerous other areas that all touch and affect the item at the heart
of the question.


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