Re: [opensuse] Harddrive order - physical vs how openSUSE sees them

On Sunday 23 August 2009, Clayton wrote:
I installed a new drive.  With all that space I decided to install
Ubuntu Kooky Koala or whatever it's called, and also openSUSE 11.2
m6. They merrily installed (I used all defaults during the install
process)... both installs saw the existing 11.1 install and
offered to add it to GRUB.  On reboot though, I get the 11.2 GRUB
menu which only has 11.2 and 11.1 in the menu... no Ubuntu Koalas.
 If I pull the old drive out, then Ubuntu boots fine.  Put it back
in... and the Koala is hiding.  OK, I can deal with this as it's
just Ubuntu putting it's boot bit on the wrong drive - the hard
part is guessing which drive the MBR is hiding on.

Does your BIOS have a selection "Disk boot order" ?

Yes.. and I can set it up like this:

Ok.. What type of MB is it? Curious because I've got an ASUS that let's
me select the drive I want to boot from.


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