[opensuse] Reinstall of 11.1 troubles

Hello -

I seem to have gotten myself in a mess with SuSE 11.1 and need a bit of guidance. After I got some updates, my system crashed and failed to start up after that, with lots of complaints about problems with the iptables. I was unable to capture any of the specific details and had no idea on how to fix it, so decided to try in reinstall SuSE11.1 from my installation CD.

To be on the safe side, and not corrupt any of my data in my home directory, or on my mounted partitions, I decided to do an update instead of a full reinstall. That much as restored my system to a working state BUT with some issues that I don't know how to resolve.

First issue, which is disconcerting and probably will require a LOT of effort for me to try and recover is that ALL of the repositories I had set up seem to have disappeared. When the SuSE installation software was setting things up, did it bother to make a backup of the repositories I had already set up? If so, how can I restore them?

Second, and more serious issue. The display has come up in a low resolution mode and I am installing this using a 1080x1200 monitor. This means that all of the Windows are oversize and the fonts are very large. What this does is that it makes it impossible for me to use Yast or Sax to reconfigure my display. All of the necessary buttons to Accept settings are off screen and these tools do not supply a scroll bar in order for me to bring these buttons on screen. I cannot resize the windows either as they are limited by the desktop size, so even at maximum size the buttons are still off screen.

It is sad that these tools apparently have not been well tested/designed! Good engineering and use case studies ought to have caught such a user trap. That said, how do I set up my display if I am unable to use the tools that were designed for that task? Do I have to go and figure out how to access low level settings and become a guru on how YaST and Sax actually work? Not a very user friendly solution but I guess if I must, I will if someone will provide me with some good pointers...


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