Re: [opensuse] Streaming MP3 from Internet Radio w/XMMS

* Stan Goodman <stan.goodman@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> [09-14-09 14:13]:

For what it's worth, <killall xmms> did nothing, and xmms remained
in the Panel. Thinking that repeating this as root might be help, I
did so, and now the Panel shows "XMMS[2]", i.e. there are two
copies of xmms running, I can't see either of them, and neither of
them is functional.

In all these years (I have been building and operating computers since
before 1950) I have never seen "Rmouse" as a designation for a button. It
looks for all the world like the name of a utility. There is a value to
uniformity in terminology. It's called "communication".

Hummm, it's as good as "the Panel" as descriptions go. But I guess it
only works one way, the eye of the viewer. But then again, it was you
that wanted help and it is *your* responsibility to make your situation
known, if you really want help.

And then there was the comment:

And then there is always the possibility of asking knowledgeable people
on an appropriate forum, who may have experienced the same problem of a
deadish xmms themselves and be willing to share. That was my hope, as a
matter of fact.

I envy people that have the time to institute an open-ended research
program for each and every problem. I doubt that I am the only one that

You have spent more time bantering in this forum than a quick search for
your own answers would have taken. :^)

And, your words, you have been building and operating computers since
before 1950. That really sounds like a room full of diodes and a lot of
heat. But I suspect that you have taken some liberty with dates or you
are *really* old. And be careful here because I am somewhat old with
some history.

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