Re: [opensuse] Re: Periodic problem resolving URLs?

I don't know if the MTU change will help you. I don't understand why
it should only once on a while...

That's what has caught me up too. It's once in a while.. not all the
time, and not always one particular site. When it happens, it's all

it looks for me like a DNS outage. The provider Domain Name service is
out of order (may be rebooting). Try using an other one as secondary

Right, but you'd think then that the ISP would report it as a DNS
outage when I contact them about it... and since it's been happen for
at least 8 weeks now... I'd expect customers to be complaining. :-P

any URL already soled (that is with known IP) have no problem

It's easy to test, just use ping and see if the IP works and the URL
don't (of course with written down known URL)

This is the next step. Write down the IP address of some website...
eg and then when I get the dropout go direct via IP

This is interesting though so far... I've learned about MTUs ;-)

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