Re: [opensuse] Panel bar problem in 11.1 install

Clayton wrote:
I did a fresh install of 11.1 on a friend's computer. I backed up his
home directory and deleted everything in it after this problem first
appeared (then selectively restored things like .mozilla and
.thunderbird, etc.)

The problem that has happened through two new installs is: The system
does not initially display a panel bar at the bottom of the screen (or
anywhere else either), it only displays a very limited menu of a few
applications on the screen.


Nothing specific, but there are a few things you can do with a
misbehaving KDE4. First... have you upgraded to 4.3.1? or are you
trying to run 4.0.3? Second, and I found this was almost mandatory -
and easy since you have a clean install - delete either all of .kde4
and .kde or at the minimum the rc config files in .kde4 to force KDE4
to reset to factory defaults. This generally clears up almost all odd
weird issues - particularly ones that crop up from upgrading from
4.0.3 to 4.3.1.


Thanks! When I did my own install, SuSE automatically connected to the
net and upgraded KDE4. When I did my friend's install, even though SuSE
found the net, it did NOT do the upgrade. When I performed the upgrade
by hand, the problems went away.


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