Re: [opensuse] bottom posting is, generally, inhumane;

Jos van Kan wrote:
John E. Perry schreef:

Why might bottom-posting be self-defeating?


Errrm... no.

OK, how about some illustration so even you can understand it -- a very
brief glance at the archives shows these, which are not even among the
worst offenses that I can recall:

All these messages contain dozens to hundreds of quoted lines, of which
only a few are at all relevant; any editing has been done by previous,
better behaved posters. Sometimes what you finally find at the end is
worth reading; frequently not. I generally just dump a message that
doesn't have a reply in the first dozen or so lines, unless I'm anxious
for real help or information from the thread.

Granted, opensuse's members are generally better behaved than many
lists', but we have plenty of offenders here, too. It's really bad when
you get a digest of a particularly poorly behaved list like
gumstix-users. There are frequently thousands of lines in such a
digest, almost all mindless quoting of something that has already been
quoted several times in the current digest. But there are plenty of
misbehavers here, too.

And before you get started on me, I _do_ observe the list etiquette,
even though I recognize the validity of Ms. Walsh's argument. I also
recognize the validity of and bow to the community's desires.

What do I, personally, like to see? In order:
--inline posting, properly edited
--bottom posting, properly edited <- this message, and Jos's
--top posting
--inline posting, sloppily edited.
--inline posting, unedited.
--bottom posting, sloppily edited
--bottom posting, unedited

Sometimes variations are appropriate among the first three. I find it
hard to imagine a justification for any of the last four, but there are
lots of them here.

John Perry
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