[opensuse] not preaching, using!=preaching

phanisvara das wrote:
can't you go away and preach to somebody else, pretty pretty please? now you're trying to convnce a linux list we should switch to windows desktops to avoid the hassle with linux?
I am in no way trying to convince anyone to go windows...if my
wrists/RSI problems weren't what they were I doubt I'd be back on windows
now. I ran linux as a desktop for 2-3 years before ulnar tunnel and spine
problems forced me to windows to at least try the voice options... I found
the windows interface bothered my wrists less, so I contend with doing most
of my desktop interface stuff on windows and using linux for as supplying
most of the resources for the windows machine -- email, DNS Doman master,
fast file store, backup server, etc. I've tried to get the NVIDIA on my
other computer (same GTX260 on my Win Box), running graphics on my Linux
box, but no luck there. I've wanted to try the linux desktop and graphics
apps and see how they've progressed and how it performs with the same
hardware as my winbox...etc.

But try to get others to switch to windows? I usually try to turn
them on to suse desktop on the rare times I've had the opportunity. Don't
take what I do as trying to convince you to do the same. I'm not trying to
tell you how you should do things, I just would prefer not to see harassment
going on when someone does something slightly 'different'.


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