Re: [opensuse] Flash Player Plugin in Firefox still doesnt work - Mac OS X 10.x and Ubuntu always works.

On Thursday 01 October 2009 03:29:44 am ka1ifq wrote:
I have the SAME problem on 2 different machines, one is 11.0 and one is
11.2-6, it fails on install, then says it's already installed.

if 11.2-6 refers to milestone 6, that's alredy pretty old. if it was my
machine, i'd make sure that the correct repo.s are enabled: non-oss and oss
from <>, then do "zypper dup" from
a root terminal. that way you'd get a proper M8 system.

if you're not participating in the milestone testing cycle, you can run
"zypper up" regularly to keep it up-to-date, and "zypper dup" when a new
milestone comes up.

(probably a good idea to follow the opensuse-factory mailing list; problems
with new releases are often annunced there, so you can avoid updating when
things may not work.)

regarding your 11.0 system, i'd upgrade it to 11.1, since that's the current
stable version and should have the least problems.

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