Re: [opensuse] how many folks running suse 11 are heavily into IPv6?

G T Smith wrote:

The earliest I remember talk about IPv6 was about 15 years ago, and
mainly in the context of a solution to a shortage of address space with
IPv4. When NAT became perceived as a basic solution to the latter
problem interest waned, I suspect this is because those with existing
and working networking infrastructures were a bit unwilling to replace
them with something which (if it worked as expected) did much the same
as they already had at a perceived considerable commitment of resources.

I suggest you read a good text on IPv6 to see just what it can do. It
does many things far better than IPv4. Greater address range is just a
small part of what it does. Also, IPv4 addresses are running out, even
with RFC1918 NAT. Because U.S companies grabbed so many address blocks,
much of the world, particularly Asia, is starving for address space.
However, even reallocating some of those addresses will not solve the
problem, as there are many, many devices that want an IP address, beyond
just computers.

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