Re: [opensuse] how many folks running suse 11 are heavily into IPv6?

On Sun, 2009-10-18 at 14:14 +0200, Per Jessen wrote:
Adam Tauno Williams wrote:

It is easier to deploy it in a gradual strategic way than to scramble
when you suddenly have to support it.


did you really get to a point where IPv4 simply
couldn't do the job anymore?

There is just no reason not to begin phasing out IPv4.

What if your internal/local/RFC1918 network is all IPv4 and works very
well? Is there a reason to start phasing that out? I'm not so sure,
it's certainly not easy coming up with a business case. In particular
if you've still got IPv4-only applications (mysql, asterisk as somebody
already mentioned).

If your local network works Ok with IPv4, and are not expecting higher
costs for your current addres, and not expecting to reach url's that
might be on IPv6 only addresses, there's no need to worry...

Wrt to the external network, it would be highly desirable to begin a
slow transition to IPv6, but my main worry here is that my upstream
provider does not have the skills required to support me/my company.
There are not very many IPv6 deployments on xDSL yet.

It's very unlikely that you're served by an dsl provider willing to
offer IPv6, true. Hence you can turn to an external provider, like their tunnels are free, as in "free beer"
If you ever change from access-provider to another, you can take your
tunnel, and your /64 address space with you.

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