Re: [opensuse] My first prob with 11.2 embedded flash won't play

On 15/11/09 23:02, Clayton wrote:
Hmmm I seem to have bumped into an odd problem with my 11.2 install
(KDE4 default and Firefox).... embedded Flash will not play. For
example, this page: has
a small Flash video embedded in the page. It shows the initial image
as normal with "click to play", but clicking has no effect. I've seen
the same on embedded YouTube videos - but there if I right-click on
the embedded video I have an option "Play in YouTube" and if I select
that option, YouTube is opened in a new tab and the video plays fine.

So.. given that Flash video will actually play if I am directly in
YouTube... something else is wrong, and I have no idea what. Anyone
else see this with 11.2? Or have any ideas why embedded Flash won't
play in some instances?


No problem playing it here (11.2, Firefox 3.5.4).

Do you have NoScript installed and running in which case have you given
the 2 BBC URLs permission?

Nope, a plain vanilla install, with only AdBlockPlus as an extra in
FireFox using the same ABP config from my working 11.1.


Hmmmm, yet another mysterious "it doesn't work for me" :-( .

I can only say, if it would be of help, is that the 11.2 I am using is
RC2 upgraded to GM via zypper; that I am using the 32-bit version of
11.2; and that I have found that some sites will not allow video to be
shown in some parts of the world - for example my wife complains that
one site in the US will not play a video just because we are in
Australia ("Video is not available to your country" or some such :-( ).


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