[opensuse] Local mail on 11.2

Hi all,

It does not appear that local mail on a new install of 11.2 is working. The
main reason I want this is to have root's messages sent to me. I selected
this option during the installation and /etc/aliases contains the line

root: don

That was all that I recall doing with previous versions, but it does not
appear to be working this time. I've been using kmail and zero messages have
shown up over the last week. As a test at the command line I just tried

don@linux-ath64:~> mail don
Subject: A test
This is a test

So as I understand it a message should have been sent. But then

don@linux-ath64:~> mail
No mail for don

I really don't know much about how to configure this - it always "just worked"

Any suggestions?

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