Re: [opensuse] Pre-ordering a boxed set

Mark Hounschell wrote:
Dave Howorth wrote:
Mark Hounschell wrote:
At you supposedly can order a boxed
set of 11.2. When you go to preorder it I get

This item cannot be shipped to the address you selected.

Is this an mistake or something more sinister?? Yes my
address was entered correctly.
Since you don't say even in what country your address is, I doubt
anybody can answer your question.

Oh yea, I'm in the USA

So you didn't think that these statements on the page you referenced
were significant?

"openSUSE 11.2 can be preorderd *in EMEA* now at"


"We are working hard to start *shipment in north america very soon*."

(my emphasis :)

Cheers, Dave
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