[opensuse] Re: postfix: Name service error

Lars Müller wrote:
On Thu, Nov 26, 2009 at 12:55:32PM +0100, Joachim Schrod wrote:

2) Otherwise, check that avahi is running. I can't help you
further in that use case, there others must chime in. (I don't
use it. This stuff is good, as long as it works, and is pure
horror if it doesn't work. Just like all things from Apple.
I'm an old Unix grey beard (literally) and will not adapt to
this new-fangled stuff. DNS works for me and it also doesn't
help me get the kids off my lawn... :-) :-))

Independent if 40+ or 50+, Zeroconf, Automatic Private IP Addressing, or
which other name you use and also independent of the operating system in
use this no black magic limited to teenies.

It is how things are intended to work in a home environment. Maybe even
in small offices.

Did I hit a pet peeve of you? Was the last line and the smileys not
enough to convey irony? Wow. ;-) That I don't use avahi and thus
could not name its SUSE service names from memory, doesn't mean
that I don't know about Zeroconf and the associated technologies
and programs. The problem with your intended usage is the inability
of tech buffs to help family members or office colleagues when
something goes awry.

Since: the actual problem with avahi is that the documentation is
crap. Just look at http://avahi.org/wiki/Avah4users and tell me
with a straight face that this bunch of information is sufficient
for troubleshooting if the daemon is (a) running and (b) not
delivering the correct information. The man page of ahavi.service
is a laugh, for avahi-browser and avahi-discover even more so. A
halfway good software manual is more than these badly written man
pages and one wiki page.


PS: And while I'm at ranting, the same holds for all those new *Kit
daemons, too. There is no document to be found that explains how
udev, HAL, ConsoleKit, and PolicyKit are supposed to work together.
Not to speak of PackageKit; just look at the recent F12 disaster...
The attitude of the *Kit developers ("I don't care about the
traditional Unix way"), combined with their unwillingness to
provide good documentation, makes this stuff a complete mess from a
sysadmin point of view.

PPS: Don't take this stuff too earnest, and cat /etc/motd some time

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