Re: [opensuse] Beginner: How do I mount a floppy disk? Summary

On Fri November 27 2009 3:00:49 pm Per Jessen wrote:
Richard Creighton wrote:
Definitely I am too stupid to look out of the window, but I believe I
followed all the instructions given
1) insert floppy
2) open shell
3) su root
4) mount /dev/fd0 /mnt

Missing in all the instructions I have seen given to you previously is
to INSURE THAT THE "<mountpoint>" directory EXISTS, and if not, to
create it before attempting the above steps. To the experienced
Linux/DOS person, that may seem obvious,

I left it out because /mnt is always created on an openSUSE
installation. Probably most other distros too, it is _the_ standard
mount point after all. Besides, even it had been removed,
"mount /dev/fd0 /mnt" will give you a really sensible error message.

Your instructions might have worked or provided an error message, but look
again at what he provided:

linux-b0l6:/home/thomas # mount /dev/fd0 /media/fd0
mount: mount point /media/fd0 does not exist

For whatever reason, he attempted to mount to /media/fd0 and that directory
did not exist, a really sensible error message. Why he chose that over /mnt
is an entirely separate discussion, probably related to the earlier provided
links to the wiki which "explains" the various system directories
including /mnt and /media which both are rather ambigious as to what
is "temporary" and not. Personally, if it is removable media, I use /media,
if it is 'semi-permanent', eg, NFS or loop mounted or appears in fstab but
not as automatically mounted at boot, I use /mnt/<subdirectory-tree> as
appropriate because while temporary, they are persistant until I umount or
reboot and generally are unaffected by the automount. So, while you are
right that /mnt probably would have shown an error had he used it and failed,
that isn't what he showed and nowhere did I see anyone indicate the
destination mountpoint should explicitly be verified as existant.

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