Re: [opensuse] Crossover 8.0 pro and opensuse 11.2

On Sunday 29 November 2009 09:37:44 am Teruel de Campo MD wrote:
If you try to install crossover 8.0 using

$ sh

It will install OK but when you try to run the Configuration nothing
happens. There is something wrong with this script.
You have to uninstall just go the ~/cx../bin and run cxuninstall

Then install the rpm version. This one works OK.

Well there is more to it.

After the installation of the rpm and restoration of the bottle the menu still
can not lunch the applications, you can do it through the configuration menu.
There is thread in the crossover forum with the explanation

"KDE 4.3 has a new requirement that .desktop files have the execute bit set
for increased security. Crossover 8.0 does not accommodate for this, and thus
the launcher files created do not pass KDE's security requirements"

The temporary solution until CO 9 comes out is the following;

1. install the rpm version

2. restore the bottles if you have them from opensuse 11.1

3 run

#find .cxoffice -iname "*.desktop" | xargs chmod +x

That will do it.


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