Re: [opensuse] Re: upgrade to 11.2 -- have graphical boot, but no desktop -- just a web-doc greeting.

On 2009/12/03 01:40 (GMT-0800) Linda Walsh composed:

jdd-gmane wrote:

Le 30/11/2009 11:12, Linda Walsh a écrit :

Not very useful if it boots up in desktop and you can't access anything.

look like you get only twm :-)

do you have kdm? (hat is the password prompt)? if so you have a choice
in the bottom left

No choice -- just a white plain login box.
I installed kde4 and gnome, but neither took -- I'd hoped to have a choice of desktops,
but instead I got none. Still haven't figured out how to create a desktop
on this beast.

Are you also unable to get to X via startx or startkde? Is any *kdm* installed?

I've stumbled into the big ugly login box a few times lately too. I'm not
sure whether I've figured out yet what causes it, but maybe I've found a fix.
I think it is because no kde*session rpm was installed at an appropriate
time. It may be that simply installing it won't fix the problem, but also
updating /etc/sysconfig/displaymanager's DISPLAYMANAGER= or some other config
file may be required.
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