Re: [opensuse] Carelessness busts Linux security

On 10/12/09 18:12, ianseeks wrote:
On Thursday 10 Dec 2009 01:29:59 Basil Chupin wrote:

I originally posted this in offtopic but think that this would be of
interest to more people than just those frequenting offtopic.

*No operating system can ever properly protect a computer from trojans
as long as users continue to do silly things. Just because Linux is
immune to your standard drive-by viruses it does not mean that it can
escape trojan horses.*

The latest reminder to be vigilant comes via the users unfortunate
enough <> to download
and install a malicious screensaver from

Although the malicious content is now removed, the code fragments left
show what the trojan's potential may have been.

The program inserted a bash script into |/usr/bin/| by using |wget| and
then executing the script. Originally the script's contents were a ping
command but this was later changed to:



Lets hope there is someone on the KDE related download sites checking for
people trying to insert malware into their programs.

It is rather disappointing that nobody from Novell/openSUSE has bothered
to respond to this because I raised (again), indirectly, this question
about the security of Linux in my repost (see, REPOST: Most
interesting.... etc) a couple of days ago in this forum.

As my REPOST message states, the question of security was not fully
pursued - after it was claimed that permissions can be changed even
within a user's environment.

The question raised in the kubuntu forum also did not attract a response
from those offering kubuntu to its audience. The security question there
also remains unanswered - the same as here I have to say.

I can understand why security issues, what they are and how they could
be compromised, should not be publicly discussed but I cannot see why
questions about security have to only be answered by ordinary users in
this, or other similar fora, without somebody from the producers of the
OS - in this case, openSUSE - cannot state what the "official" response
is about how 'their' OS is not subject to being compromised.

I think that you can get the gist of what I am talking about....(Which
is something along-the-lines of getting a response from somebody who has
a genuine and recognisable monicker directly linking her/him to Novell's
ownership of openSUSE.)

It really is like the argument going on the present time between those
who claim that there is global warming and those who claim that there is
no such thing. While the former keep quoting scientific papers which
have been peer-reviewed, the latter can only quote blogs, lobbyists'
ravings and newspaper articles.


If you don't succeed you run the risk of failure.

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