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On 2009/12/12 02:44 (GMT-0500) Bob S composed:

Felix Miata wrote:

Since root=/dev/sdc8 fails with "cannot find", try root=/dev/sdb8 instead
to see what happens.

Tried sda8, sdb8, sdc8,and disk/by-label/11.2 All with the same result.

Because of the USB chip reader, maybe you should try /dev/sdd8 too. Or try
with the reader unplugged, or both.

You do have only two attached HDs, right?

No, I have 3.

Why Grub found only two locations for /boot/grub/stage1, on hd1 & hd2, it
made me think you had only two and wonder why no hd0. You have Windoz on a
separate disk? Why no /boot/grub/stage1 anywhere on hd0?

Two ide (80GB & 150GB) designated sda and sdb in that order, and

Under 11.0 and 11.2, or only under 11.2, or only under 11.0?

one sata (250GB) designated sdc. The 11.2 is ond sdc8.

This, plus the unpopulated USB card reader, is exactly why modern installers
use /dev/disk/by-* instead of device names.

What do you have connected to USB during boot, an unpopulated memory chip
reader maybe?

Yes an unpopulated USB card reader

Does 11.0 boot OK if you have a chip in it when you boot? What is it's device
name in 11.0. Can you access it during a 11.2 rescue boot? If so, what device
name does it get?

If you have only two disks, there should be no (hd2), only
(hd0) and (hd1), the latter of which would have your ,7 11.2 / partition.
This kind of thing is precisely why the default configuration switchover to
using /dev/disk* for root= and fstab entries instead of device names.

Yes, every Linux partition on all drives is designated /dev/disk/by-label and
they are all reflected that way in fstab.

I don't recall anyone else reporting failure using /dev/disk/by-label before
this thread. :-(

Where are your HDs attached? PATA ports hda & hdc? PATA ports hda & hdb? 2
SATA ports? PATA hda & SATA both? If the latter, which OS's HD is on which
port? Using both PATA & SATA HDs in the same system can be monumental
multiboot pain.

The two PATA ports are hda, hdb (sda, sdb) There are only two on this new
board. The rest are all SATA. (Had to buy a new SATA DVD writer)

Does it make any difference if you swap ports between the DVD & the SATA HD?

I wonder if when you boot the DVD to install or repair that the DVD steals
(hd0)/sda, leaving the 2 HDs with (hd1)/sdb & (hd2)/sdc instead of
(hd0)/sda & (hd1)/sdb as they would be on a normal boot?

Well, something happens.And I can't explain it. If I go into the rescue system
and choose "boot installed system" for 11.2 it is shown as sda8. It boots
11.2 perfectly. Why it shows sda8 instead of sdc8 I have no idea. Very

It's not using an initrd made from your old motherboard. The generic ones
that come with installation programs seem to be quite a bit smarter. Maybe
the DVD is another fly in the ointment, taking or not a logical position
opposite that when booting with no DVD in the drive. What happens when you
try to boot from 11.2 by first booting from DVD and then choosing boot from
HD from the DVD boot menu?

illogical. Remember now, I tried to boot normally as sda8 and got that stupid
message about finding it. The partitioner, fdisk, and Parted Magic all show
the disk layout correctly.

How did you decide what is "correct"? Normally in mixed PATA/SATA
environments the BIOS will default to SATA first, aka your SATA HD would be
sda or sdb, your sr0 DVD would be sda or sdb, then your PATA would be sdc &
sdd, but all only if no USB intervention. With the USB reader you're probably
screwing it royally as long as not using by-uuid or by-id, though by-label
ought to work.

This is crazy. Why should replacing the MB have anything to do with booting?
That is all HD stuff except for the bios. And that all seems to be correct.
And why does the install/rescue system mis-identify tue disks in a seemingly
random order?

Most installation programs now default to not using either device names or
by-label, but instead by-id or by-uuid. I suggest you try editing menu.lst
and substituting by-uuid for whatever now follows root= and if that fails,
try by-id, and if that too fails, the last resort, by-path.

When you installed 11.2, were all 3 HDs connected? Maybe a repair install
from the DVD would work if you first disconnect the two PATA drives and the
USB reader, which would force the SATA to be sda. Then after that's done, you
confirm it boots itself with nothing else connected, then reconnect, if it
doesn't boot successfully as sda, then go into the BIOS and explicitly set
the order to be SATA first.

Can you try the other options for ATA controller configuration? IOW, if what
is set now is called "enhanced mode", try whatever else is there to choose
from. If now it's set to "compatible", try the other. If now it's set to
"AHCI", try the other.

If you can't get it to work using /dev/disk/by-uuid*, I suspect it might be
easier to reinstall (with no connected PATAs, no connected USB reader, and
the HD on the first SATA port) than figure it out. I wish it was here to get
my hands on it. You're not by any chance in central FL somewhere are you?

If any of the above sounds like rambling or nonsense, it's because I should
have been in bed at least 2 hours ago, and where I'm off to now.
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